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GR8 LED motion 360

Feel more empowered by choosing the desired lighting that best meets your needs, our motion detect LED lights turn on when you approach kitchen cabinets and turn off 1 minute after you leave.  Automatic lighting at nights or early hours of the morning when your eyes are sensitive to the Full-Brightness of can lights or standard lamps can hurt your eyes.  Instead our LED lights have a 360 degree motion sensor field and as the home owner approaches our GR8-LEDs  forward sensors triggers the LED lights to come on which  are much easier on your eyes and turns on from 25 feet away as it senses motion. 

Great Home Tek, transforming average to great.

Our focus is to fill the gap in the missing technology in your everyday life in order to empower you to do more, thus our focus, is how to bring more  “comfort” and “safety” to your everyday life.  Essentially the road map for the Great Home Smart automation platform is to provide "A SMART HOME PLATFORM" thats resilient to power outages or network outages and installs easily.

Our low voltage lighting solutions are meant to significantly lower the cost of lighting while bringing the best IoT technology with NEW* features to enhance the end user's daily life. Here's a new PODcast on our Tech.

With our smart automation system the home owner’s technology needs have been protected against any type of power outage with our long battery life products. 

Installing tracks with our easy rails

For the Kitchen under cabinet lighting, we have a complete eco-system that lets every home owner install the smart LED eXtenders even where there are barriers. As shown above, when the under cabinet space is not level and has partials our dongle cables come to the rescue. Its easy to go across barriers or make a 90 degree turn with our snap-on dongles. Our custom metal rails enable you to build an LED track virtually any where, from kitchen cabinet counter top lighting, staircase lighting to skylight and the bar shelves.

Home Theater Lighting

When it comes to watching movies at home, the lighting makes all the difference.  GR8-LED Motion 360 allows the entertained to get up and automatically enable the skylight so they can find their way to the restroom without interrupting movie watchers by switching on blinding can lights.  

Choose from several gorgeous colors depending on your selection: Cyan (top Left), Pink (top right), Red (bottom left), Navy Blue (bottom right)

Motion Detect LED lighting with unlimited length extendibility

  • Motion Detect LED lighting

    The convenient of having  light where there are no light bulbs and not having to turn on/off the light switch is an appealing feature.  Having ambient light that can automatically turn on as you approach the dark areas in your home or office can be extremely helpful.

  • GR8-LED extender packs

    Choosing the right length for a LED light strip can be challenging when most LED strips come in a pre determined lengths that don't always meet your needs.  Our solution has solved that problem by providing a one foot extenders.  Select our extender packs that enable you to go as long as you desire 6" at a time.  We offer either 1' or 2' extender packs and go as long as you need to meet your projects needs.

  • GR8-LED color temperature & variable colors

    The color temperature of the light is an important characteristic of how you perceive the lighting that soothes your needs . Our LED lights come in daylight or warm light and variable colors derived from (RGB) with various color temperatures to meet  your needs, our daylight white color temperature is above 6,500K producing a gorgeous color. 

Buy GR8-LED Motion 360 Starter Pack - 13" multi-color w/rechargeable battery, motionHUB included



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